Shipping and Returns

 Also the shipping process is a major point at ZANZARAH.NL

If customer has ordered before 16 pm, we send the order the same working day as indicated, so the customer gets the package within 1-3 working days **. The package can fit the mailbox, so you do not have to specially stay at home.

 ** Standard Delivery Days:
 Please Note! (For our foreign customers 2-7 working days) Please also observe the holidays!
 Ordered on:                                  Delivered on:
 Monday                                      Tuesday                                                                                             Tuesday                                    Wednesday                                                                                   Wednesday                               Thursday                                                                                       Thursday                                      Friday                                                                                                     Friday                                          Saturday                                                                                             Saturday                                      Tuesday                                                                                               Sunday                                          Tuesday
 (As shown in the list, the orders placed over the weekend are, can only shipped on Tuesday because the orders of the weekend, can be sent again on Monday. Orders placed Friday may be delivered on Saturday .)
 ** Delivery time depends on the carrier, and can not be influenced by the provider Zanzarah.
 Iff you do not recieved the package within 10 working days? You can send us a mail. 
 On delivery the customer must check the integrity and completeness of the delivery and possible damage to the goods certified by the carrier.



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