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Zanzarah colorlenses are high quality yearly lenses,

our colorlenses are CE and FDA approved. 

How are contact lenses carried and stored?
Contact lenses can be worn daily. They are used in the day and removed before sleep. 
For the care of the contact lenses, is a care Lotion and a storage container necessary, therefore, we supply our contact lenses always with a free storage container. The care product depends on the type of contact lens, soft lenses require a different lens cleaner than hard contact lenses.

--We recommend a combination solution "all-in-one solution specially for soft contact lenses" --

-Where should you pay attention with contact lenses?

Because our contact lenses be worn much longer than other contact lenses, daily cleaning is the most important.

Tips:-If your lens feels weird after application, then try first to rotate the lens other way around, lenses can turn around so inside out and vice versa, it feels still not good? then there is probably a speck of dust on it, dip your lens in the lotion to get the dust

off it, or massage the lens softly then rinse good with the solution.

- Never get your lenses in touch with water, it wil feel strange , just rinse your lenses with the lens solution and it wil be alright again.

-Swimming/showering? It could be, but never keep your eyes open under water your lenses wil be lost in the water, also watch out for drops of water, after swimming/showering make sure to rinse your lenses with solution again.

------Important: Always visit your eye specialist (ophthalmologist or optometrist), before you start wearing contact lenses, so you know how you should deal with contact lenses and their care, and also what your strength is, we recommend to let check your eyes per half year, take always proper care and hygiene! 

-------In our boxes is also the necessary information about the proper care and instruction manual, how to use and take care of your colorlenses. See inside of our cases.

-Disclaimer. We are not Responsible for the incorrect use of contact lenses and unsanitary, the client is responsible for his own proper care and use of the color contactlenses.

--FAQS-frequently asked questions

-I live outside the Netherlands and my package hasn't arrived within 7 working days. Why is this?
Unfortunately, some countries have regularly delay within their customs services. This can lead to very long delays, however we are happy to arrange a refund or replacement if the packet is not received by the 21 business days from the shipment.
-My package is corrupted or empty arrived, what should I do?
Take pictures of the front and back of the package and the damaged content. We will file a claim with the courier, they will carry out further research. Once the investigation is complete, we will contact you about our decision. Please keep the package and content, in case the courier this required as proof.

-The lenses arrived, what should I do now?
Make sure you have a multifunction solution especially for soft lenses. Let the contact lenses in this solution for 24 hours, before you start wearing your contact lenses. Change daily the solution of your lenses where you kept them in, and once per week if you arent wearing them. Proper care of your lenses ensures longer wear comfort of your lenses. Follow the instructions for the cleaning and storage of your lenses. See inside of our boxes.

-- The lenses move around in my eye.

Why does this happen? This could have several reasons, see below;

1) These lenses are yearly lenses and therefore have less water content. This sometimes can cause dryness making the lens move. You can use daily eye drops to make them comfortable.

2) You are wearing the lens inside out. Please turn it and try again.

3) You suffer from astigmatism. This means that your cornea is curved diffrent, and does not fit the lens so good. You need to confirm this with a eye specialist and next time buy contact lenses specifically for this condition.

--The lenses are uncomfortable and scratches on my eye. What can I do?

1) make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the lenses with the solution. If the problem is not resolved, you may have scratched the colorlens, so you can not wear them anymore, it should be discarded and a new pair needs to be purchased.

--The color/style of the lenses is different from my last pair. Why?

1) We take customer feedback over and over so the color or style can occasionally vary. We can assure you that this is not commonly done. If you want a verification of the shade that you buy, do not hesitate to contact us first to ask for advice.

--How long will the lenses last?

Most Zanzarah lenses go up to 1 year. However, this is only with proper care and attention. However, we recommend that you replace them after 6 - 8 months .

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